Himalaya Drug Company


Himalaya Drug Company aspires to bring wellness and joy to every home through herbal solutions backed by science. Herbal remedies have their origins in ancient cultures. It incorporates the medicinal use of plants to treat various illnesses and improve overall health and wellbeing. People have immense trust in herbal products as they are composed of natural ingredients rather than any chemicals. 


We at Online Drug Pharmacy value our customers' preferences and thus make herbal products available to people living worldwide at economical prices. Irrespective of the place you live, we will leave no stone unturned to deliver your required products within the promised time. 


The Himalaya Drug Company

The Himalaya Drug Company is an Indian multinational company established in the year 1930 by Mohammed manal. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It produces an extensive range of products, which includes ayurvedic constituents.  


How Himalaya Drug Company Formulates Various Products?

  • All herbal products offered by Himalaya have their origins in Ayurvedic texts. In their research and development center, a team of botanists and Ayurveda experts check these scholarly texts and choose the herbs for further analysis. 
  • The phytochemistry team then reviews the seasonal and geographical variations of herbs to ensure good quality, batch-to-batch consistency, and standardization. 
  • The herb quality is further checked by cultivating it under the observation of agricultural scientists.
  • The herbs then need to undergo stringent quality checks based on the internal specification of their scientists. 
  • Himalaya uses exceptional purification technology to ensure that all the products contain the expected levels of bioactive substances to trigger a medical response. 


The Extensive Range Of Products Offered By Himalaya Drug Company

Himalaya drug company offers a wide range of products spanning personal care, baby care, nutrition, mom care, pharmaceutical products, etc. which are further divided into subcategories -

  • Personal care products include body care, eye care, face care, hair care, lip care, men’s care, and oral care.
  • Baby care products include diapers, pre-bath, bath, post-bath, baby laundry wash, etc.
  • Nutritional products include adults' and kids' nutrition products.
  • Mom care products include body care, intimate care, and nursing care.
  • Pharmaceutical products include derma care, general health, men’s health, oral care, children’s health, and women’s health.

There’re tons of products pertaining to each of the sub-categories. No matter what health issues you have, you’ll always get an effective herbal solution.


Popular Himalaya Products In Online Drug Pharmacy

  • Men Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash (Himalaya ) 50ml
  • Gentle Baby Wipes 12 pcs 
  • Pack, Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream 100ml
  • Liv.52 Tablets
  • Purifying Neem Pack 50gm
  • Green Tea 2gm Himalaya
  • Under Eye Cream 15ml 
  • Amalaki Vitamin C Tablets

For more details regarding these products, kindly refer to our website. 


Are The Products Offered By Himalaya Drug Company Reliable?

Himalaya drug company claims that all of their products are formulated in the most hygienic conditions with special significance given to no use of chemicals. According to the ORG data, the Himalaya drug company holds the number one position among herbal pharmaceutical companies in India.


Coming to beauty products, none of the brands is 100% reliable. It relies on what suits your specific skin type. For instance, for some people, Himalaya Neem Face Wash may help in the removal of pimples effectively, while for some Himalaya Aloe vera Face Wash may be suitable. 


In the case of pharmaceutical products, proper consultation is required to a certified doctor. 


Are Herbal Products Always Safe?

Herbal products are mostly safe as they are made out of all-natural ingredients. However, certain products that contain comfrey or ephedra can seriously harm your health. Herbal products don't undergo strict evaluation processes that pharmaceutical medicines do and so need to be used with caution. Some herbs can even interact with specific prescription or over-the-counter drugs. 


How To Choose And Use Herbal Products Safely?

Some herbal products can help keep you healthy and make you feel better. However, you need to be a smart consumer. Consider the following tips to make sure you're choosing the right product and using them safely:

  • Before trying any product, have a comprehensive discussion with your doctor. Ask whether the product is safe? What's their opinion? Will it work for you? What are the risks? Does it interact with any medications or supplements? 
  • Don't use them when you're pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Herbal products are not meant to be used by children and people above the age of 65 years. 
  • Don't use herbal products if you currently take any prescription or non-prescription medications or if you've had surgery in the past.
  • Always inform your doctor what all herbal you take to make sure it doesn't interact with any of your medications or treatment. 
  • Buy herbal products only from pharmaceutical companies that have certification on the label. These certifications are proof that they comply with testing the purity and quality of products.